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Grace at Sunset 5

For being a high-class art-house – part of the Laemmle theatre chain, no less – the Sunset 5 on Sunset Boulevard and Crescent Heights in West Hollywood seems inundated with horror films this week: THIRST, I SELL THE DEAD, and GRACE. The last of these is getting a one-week platform release (from Friday, August 14 through Thursday, August 20) to lift the film out of the direct-to-video doldrums.  Writer-director Paul Solet offers a grim exploration of the dark side of maternity, starring Jordan Ladd (GRINDHOUSE, pictured above) as Grace, who opts to carry her stillborn child to term. Miraculous, the baby comes to life when born; unfortunately, it hungers for something other than mother’s milk.

The film has earned quite a few critical accolades:

“… a satirical creepfest that mines modern motherhood for all its
latent terrors….downright chilling…” ~Variety

“First-time Writer/Director Paul Solet…proves himself adept both as a
visual storyteller, and as a guy who can make you crap your pants.” ~cinematical.com

“…more like a Stephen King tale than a splatter-fest horror
flick…” ~ USA Today.com

“…has everything going for it in all the right places. Let this be a
warning: View at your own risk.” ~Eonline

“… a blood-soaked piece of social commentary that evoked nothing less
than the early work of David Cronenberg.” ~ MSN