Grindhouse Double Bill

Title: The Clonus Horror and The Clones
Location: The New Beverly Cinema, 7165 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA
Date: October 19 at 7:30pm & 10pm
Link out: Click here
Description: The Grindhouse Film Fest presents this double bill of exploitation horror.

The Clonus Horror Tues: 7:30
1979, USA, 90 minutes
Myrl A. Schreibman IN PERSON, schedule permitting, to discuss the film!
written, directed & produced by Robert S. Fiveson, written & produced by Myrl A. Schreibman, starring Tim Donnelly, Paulette Breen, Dick Sargent, Keenan Wynn, David Hooks, Peter Graves

The Clones Tues: 10:00
1973, USA, 95 minutes
directed by Lamar Card & Paul Hunt, starring Michael Greene, Gregory Sierra, Otis Young, Susan Hunt, Stanley Adams, Alex Nicol, John Barrymore Jr.