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Halloween 2013 is finally over

Bats-HalloweenNow that the weekend is over, it may finally be safe to say that the 2013 Halloween season is finally over. The ghosts have gone back to their graveyards, and the haunted houses have shuttered their doors until next October. The only Halloween-themed events still running are theatrical in nature: Theatre 68’s production of The Afflicted; Hauntd Play’s Delusion: Masque of Mortality; and Blackout: Elements (which – let’s be honest – is not really Halloween-oriented).

However, we are not quite ready to say farewell to Halloween  2013. Having finally attended Delusion last night, we will post our review later today. We also have this year’s Halloween Haunt Awards to hand out. And who knows? Perhaps if we start to feel the ache of withdrawal pains a week or so from now, we may head back to The Afflicted or Delusion: Masque of Mortality. And of course we will continue to keep an eye on Fantasy Films, Mystery Movies, Sci-Fi Cinema, and other Macabre Events in Los Angeles.