Halloween 2014: Delusion Lies Within

Delusion LIes Within vertical artLocation: 2525 Arlington Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 90018

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Description: Delusion Lies Within - the latest interactive Halloween haunted house play from Jon Braver - opens on September 25 and runs on Thursdays through Sundays until November 2 (possibly longer).

September performances are already sold out, so hurry and purchase your tickets now. Remaining dates are:

  • October 16, 22, 23, 26, 29, 30 & 31.

Hopefully, the high demand will result in an extended run in November. Update: Delusion Lies Within has been extended to November 15, but all tickets are sold out.

Tickets are $60.

If you have never been to Delusion, then you are not a true fan of the October season; Delusion is easily one of the best Halloween horror events in Los Angeles - a walk-through haunted house infused with a dramatic story that makes you a participant in the action. Never has the proverbial "Fourth Wall" been so brilliantly breached.

This year's plot line turns you into a fan searching for your favorite, reclusive author:

Your obsession has led you here. You stand before the manor of the great author, Elena Fitzgerald. To the larger world, Miss Fitzgerald is a beloved novelist, creator of the Stygian Ascent; a twisted epic of dark fantasy.

To you, Elena is everything.

You’ve wept over the lives and deaths of her characters. You’ve dreamt of walking within her world; a dark world that follows the life of Elena’s daughter, Mary, on a hopeless quest to be rejoined with her mother. Part fiction, part reflection of reality… as Elena’s own daughter went missing before the series began.

For years now, no books have been released, nor has there been any sign of Mary or Elena. In its place, we hear only rumors of suicide, starvation… madness.

Like Elena, you have suffered long enough. You will invade Miss Fitzgerald’s manor. Her story must continue, must find its end to bring peace to your long-waiting minds.

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