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Halloween 2015 Mini-Review: The Haunting of Corona

At this precise moment, while prepping for this Halloween Night Festivities on our schedule, we absolutely do not have time to do justice to The Haunting of Corona, but since tonight will be your last chance to visit this excellent home haunt, we wanted to post a quick mini-review, alerting you to its existence (it’s not among our Halloween Haunt listings because we only ever first visited this month).

haunting of coronaThe Haunting of Corona initially appears to be a yard haunt, with a body hanging from a gallows and a pirate lurking outside a facade representing an earlier era. But instead of treats, lots of tricks lie within the entrance, which leads to a surprisingly extensive walk-through; in terms of length, the closest comparison we can make to a Los Angeles Halloween attraction is The Backwoods Maze. The numerous different sections are haunted by witches, werewolves, clowns, and even characters from the Purge, each in its own appropriate environment.

Though the sets are fairly basic, they are cleverly constructed: some are straight forward; others feature narrow passages and sharp corners, making it easy for monsters to block your way. There are also some genuine dead ends that force you to backtrack and find your way out; it turns out that the monsters are playing a joke at your expense – blocking hidden passageways that they open only after a couple of failed attempts on your part to find a way out.

There is a $5 donation to get inside, but the haunt is worth three times that much, and the money goes to a good cause: breast cancer research.

The Haunting of Corona is open from 7pm to midnight tonight. The address is 5415 Brockton Avenue in Riverside. The website is here.

The Haunting of Corona Rating

Bottom Line

Though the construction is not quite up to the level of the Backwoods Maze, the extensive and variegated Haunting of Corona packs enough scares to fill a professional haunted house

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