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Halloween Odyssey 2018: Sylmar

We did a triple threat of Sylmar Yard Haunts -and then some – on our Halloween Night Home Haunt Odyssey. Here are that night’s notables.

Sylmar Yard Haunts: Gothic Hills
13796 Marchant Avenue
Sylmar, CA

Gothic Hills has on a neat display full of headstones, ghouls, skeletons, and poems on the grave markers while the fog machine runs with ambient lighting. To the right of the display were the singing pumpkins which we’ve mentioned back in 2016. The haunt proprietor plans on doing a maze next year, which Gothic Hills had done for years prior to the move to the new location. We can’t wait to walk through Gothic Hills again.

Sylmar Yard Haunts 2018 Gothic Hills
Gothic Hills: Forget the graveyard, Beware of Owner!


Sylmar Yard Haunts: The Haunting in Sylmar
12929 Aztec Street
Sylmar 91342

The Haunting in Sylmar boasted a vivid display full of countless hand-carved pumpkins, animatronic ghosts, dragons, and a variety of neat seasonal displays. The proprietor shared her love of Game of Thrones hence why there are dragons. We were extremely impressed with the hand carved pumpkins which can give Rise of the Jack-O-Lanterns a run for their money; literally since this is a free home display that’s outdoors. What was most awesome was that the proprietors carve a new one each year with the year on it!

Haunting in Sylmar 2018
The bigger dragon is behind this skeletal one.


Granada Hills Yard Haunts: Haunted Groundz
13243 Mission Tierra Way
Granada Hills

Haunted Groundz once again delivers a jovial and whimsical performance paired with witty humor. This year’s show and jokes are new with a few added talking props in the show. We’ll have a video review to follow soon. Perhaps the most noticeable prop, well it was an actual classic American car with a talking skeleton chauffeur changing the radio station, stole the show since guests flocked to the vehicle to take a Selfie after the performance. The haunt owner even put out a “Selfie” sign next to the photo-op area. The shows are 7 minutes long with 2 minute breaks in between.

Haunted Groundz 2018
Haunted Groundz 2018: Dead Lyft


These three Halloween destinations were quite close especially the two Sylmar yard haunts, which were literally a few minutes away. We would urge to follow the route we did, ending at Haunted Groundz, where there is a show and photo-op that might require you to spend more time.

But wait – there’s more! After Sylmar, we trekked north to visit and re-visit some Valencia and Santa Clarita yard haunts: Clown Town, Shiver, Club Fear: Nightmares, and Pumpkin Jack. Valencia and Santa Clarita are a 15-minute drive from Granada Hills, so it may be worth it to you.


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