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Haunted Queen Mary Shipwreck


This is an archived paged devoted to the Haunted Queen Mary Shipwreck, which ran only one year, for Halloween 2009. This attraction replaced the previous Queen Mary TerrorFest and was replaced the following Halloween by the Queen Mary Dark Harbor. The transition was an awkward one, leaving some rankled feelings on the part of the company that had handled the TerrorFest for over a decade. Click here to read about the Queen Mary’s 2010 Halloween event, Dark Harbor.


During the summer months, it seemed that Halloween at the Queen Mary would be much the same as it had been in previous years. The Queen Mary TerrorFest website had announced dates, ticket prices, and attractions. However, as August waned, something changed, with little initial fanfare; if you were not looking, you might have missed it.

As of September 7, the Queen Mary Shipwreck website was reduced to a splash page featuring a spooky image of the boat; no reason or explanation was given for the change, nor was there any indication of whether the annual Halloween event would even occur. Meanwhile, the website for the old Seaside Haunt – a previously unrelated Halloween attraction in Ventura – morphed into an advertisement for the “Haunted Queen Mary.” Seaside Haunt had been one of several Halloween attractions, including Spooky House, owned or co-owned by the late Bob Koritzke; after his untimely death that year, the Spooky House and Seaside Haunt names were sold to the Queen Mary for their Halloween event.

By September 16, the Shipwreck URL was redirecting to a page on the official Queen Mary website, with details for Halloween 2009, while a brand new website (www.shipwreckhalloween.com) was dedicated to the new version of the haunt, renamed “Shipwreck Halloween at the Haunted Queen Mary.” Eventually, the Seaside Haunt URL was redirected to this new website.

Shipwreck Productions, the company that had piloted the Queen Mary TerrorFest through many a Halloween season, found themselves shut out of the 2009 event, which was handed over to a new company, which used acting talent from a local college to save money (the students were paid in college credit rather than wages). Some props and set pieces from the old Spooky House and Seaside Haunt were on display. The result worked well enough, though the obviously young faces of the cast were not always suitable for portraying the leathery faces of hardened sea salts.

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2009 SHIPWRECK HALLOWEEN DATES: October 2-3, 9-10, 16-17, 23-24, 30-31, and November 1

2009 SHIPWRECK HALLOWEEN HOURS:  7:00pm until midnight (later on some nights)


  • $29 General Admission
  • $19 for preview nights (the first weekend, October 2 and 3)
  • $40 VIP Fast Pass (cut in line privileges)
  • $69 Month pass
  • $99 VIP Month Pass (cut in line privileges)

2009 SHIPWRECK HALLOWEEN BARGAINS: Unfortunately, the “Discounts” page from the old Queen Mary TerrorFest website disappeared. Fortunately, you could still get in for $10 off on “preview nights” (October 2 & 3).

2009 SHIPWRECK OVERNIGHT PACKAGE: The Haunted Queen Mary is not only a tourist attraction; it is also a hotel. You can take advantage of this special package so that you and your significant other can spend the night on board, attend the Halloween event, enjoy breakfast, and see some of the regular shows.

  • Shipwreck Overnight Package: one-night stay, 2 General Admission tickets, 2 Promenade Cafe Breakfast vouchers. $225
  • Upgrade to VIP Fast pass tickets for an extra $20.

2009 SHIPWRECK HALLOWEEN MAZES: The Haunted Queen Mary claims their mazes are the longest of any Halloween attraction in Los Angeles, and it’s easy to believe them, considering the space they have to work with. Note: some mazes are on the ship; some are on the land around the ship. In the past, the land-bound ones have been constructed mostly of painted flats; therefore, they are not as impressive as those at Halloween Horror Nights or the Knott’s Scary Farm. The ones onboard the Queen Mary provide a truly unique experience, thanks to their dark, lengthy corridors – the perfect place for spooks to roam. 2009 offers five new mazes:

  • Vampire Village: This haunted village dates back long ago, with twists and turns and fog below. Located to the north of the Shipwrecked Queen, some villagers have been known to scream. Alas, have no fear, for there are friendly Transylvanians near.
  • The Graveyard: The Un-dead have awoke from a long blissful sleep, to chase those who’s footsteps will not give them peace. Tread lightly if you dare, and are so bold, for from out of the fog may pop-out something cold!
  • Isolation ward There is no escaping this straight jacket of a maze, patients may enter and exit in a haze. Handle them with care with good bedside manner, or be forced to answer to the dreaded Nurse Slasher!
  • Blackbeard’s Revenge (Pirate Maze): Angered Pirate Spirits haunt the sea, from years of trying to overthrow the Queen Mary. This maze will delight the scurviest of mates, with a dozen or so Pirates that will give chase. AAAAAARRRRGGG!
  • Paranoia’s House of Horror: Take a trip down memory lane, where Classic Haunted Characters are ready to bring the pain! Thru the dark depths of the ships bowels you will be, restrooms are nearby if you need to pee. So run, hide, scream all you want, nothing will stop these Masters of Haunt!

OTHER SHIPWRECK HALLOWEEN FEATURES: Unlike previous years, in which there were free-roaming ghouls but not clearly defined scare zones, the Haunted Queen Mary Shipwreck featured an outdoor cemetery scene packed with the living dead.

SHIPWRECK HALLOWEEN DRAWBACKS: The Dance Party music had nothing to do with Halloween. There were no shows or rides. The Queen Mary Shipwreck offered no scare zones, per se, although there were some free roaming-ghouls who will attack you in the park on the way to the ship.

SHIPWRECK HALLOWEEN COSTUMES: Costumes were allowed on board the Haunted Queen Mary on Halloween Night only. Weaponry (guns, knives, swords, etc) will be taken away, so do not bring them.

SHIPWRECK HALLOWEEN DRESS CODE: The Haunted Queen Mary enforced a strict dress code. Admission will be refused to anyone wearing any of the following: , headbands, bandanas, spiked wristbands, belts, and many other items are prohibited, including “Old English style writing on hats, shirts, or pants.” (???)