Secret Movie Club Halloween-O-Thon

Secret Movie Club Halloween Horror Movies

2021 Update: Secret Movie Club has resumed indoor screenings Wednesday through Sunday. Their Halloween schedule is as follows:

  • Cape Fear – October 1 Movie Club Theatre
  • Sleepy Hollow/Bram Stoker’s Dracua – October 2 Million Dollar Theatre
  • Satan’s Brew – October 6 Movie Club Theatre
  • Haxan/The Witch – October 7 Movie Club Theatre
  • The Fog – October 8 Million Dollar Theatre
  • Donnie Darko/Audition – October 9 Million Dollar Theatre
  • Diabolique – October 14 Movie Club Theatre
  • Suspiria/Hellraiser (1978) – October 15 Million Dollar Theatre
  • Trailer Film Fiesta – October 16 Movie Club Theatre
  • I Saw the Devil – October 21 Movie Club Theatre
  • Beetlejuice/Big Trouble in Little China – October 22 Million Dollar Theatre
  • Shivers/Rabid/The Brood/The Fly – October 23 Million Dollar Theatre
  • Pulse (Kairo) – October 26 Movie Club Theatre
  • Re-Animator/From Beyond – October 27 Movie Club Theatre
  • Hocus Pocus/The Craft – October 28 Million Dollar Theatre
  • Phantasm/Night of the Living Dead – October 29 Million Dollar Theatre
  • House on Haunted Hill/The Tingler/House/Fire Walk With Me – October 30 Million Dollar Theatre
  • Evil Dead 2 – October 31 Million Dollar Theatre

Films start at 8pm unless otherwise noted. Check listings here.

Secret Move Club Info
Million Dollar Theatre
307 South Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90013
The Secret Movie Club Theater
1917 BAY ST, 2nd Floor

Secret Movie Club programs films year-round, with a healthy heaping of horror movies, fantasy films, and science fiction cinema. During the Halloween season, the programming places even more emphasis on the horror genre, with an eclectic selection of old and new titles projected in 35mm.

During normal times, screenings are at midnight in the Vista Theatre unless otherwise noted. The Vista Theatre’s address is 4473 Sunset Drive in Hollywood.

Get more information at the Secret Movie Club’s Facebook page.