BCR: A Place To Scare

BCR: A Place To Scare - Halloween Haunted House

Hollywood Gothique Says:

BRC Amateur Haunt 2019As a non-profit fundraiser, BCR: A Place To Scare is limited in production value, but it makes good use of available resources, and the enthusiasm level of the cast compensates for any budgetary deficiency. The haunted house’s 2019 debut showed lots of promise, raising expectations for its return in Halloween 2020.

BCR: A Place to Grow
230 Amherst Drive, Burbank, 91504


2021 Update: After shifting to a drive-through for Halloween 2020, plans to reutnr for Halloween 2021. Details be be announced.

Dates: TBA

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BCR: A Place To Scare History

BCR: A Place To Scare made its debut in 2020 as a fundraiser benefiting BRC: A Place to Grow, a non-profit organization offering programs for the developmentally disabled. Though obviously mounted on a limited budget, BRC: A Place To Scare exploited its location to great effect, casting BRC’s activity center as a haunted hospital where nurses were overeager to draw blood, perhaps to satisfy the thirst of vampires lurking in the shadows.

The building provided more space than most amateur efforts could afford, and the sense of being in a real place helped immeasurably, aided by eerie lighting and ominous soundscapes that turned innocuous corridors into haunted hallways.

The results were pretty good, raising expectations for how the haunt might grow in the future.

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