Coffin Creek Halloween Haunt

Coffin Creek 2017

Multiple Haunts in a Rural Setting

Hollywood Gothique Says:

This haunt in Corona benefits from the isolated, rural area, which adds a realistic level of atmosphere. Though not as elaborate as the big Halloween theme parks, Coffin Creek offers an entertaining variety of haunted attractions; highlights are Catacombs of Guasti Cemetery and the Haunted Asylum.

Crossroads Riverview Park
14600 Baron Drive (formerly River Road)
Corona, CA 92880

2021 Update: After going dark in response to the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, Coffin Creek’s five haunted attractions and the Dark Shadow Market Place return for Halloween 2021.

Dates: October 8-10, 15-17, 22-24, 28-31.

Hours: 7pm-midnight on Fridays & Saturdays; 7-10pm Thursdays, Sundays & Halloween.

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Coffin Creek Halloween Haunt Overview

The Coffin Creek Halloween haunt is a multi-faceted attraction in Corona, featuring walk-through haunted houses, an outdoor trail, and a hayride, along with vendors and other entertainment in the the Pandemonium Magic Show and the Dark Shadow Market Place.

Dates and times are subject to change without notice, so check before driving to Corona.

Coffin Creek is not recommended for children under 12.

Note: Coffin Creek Halloween Haunt’s Name & History:
Coffin Creek Halloween Haunt Crossroads Haunted Village logo
Coffin Creek Halloween Haunt was briefly known as Crossroads Haunted Village.

As this Halloween haunt has grown over the years, its name has altered to reflect the changes. Originally, there was a single maze named “Coffin Creek,” later known as Coffin Creek Manor, Coffin Creek Asylum, or Coffin Creek Haunted House.  After four more attractions took up residence in Crossroads Riverview Park, there was a confusing attempt to rebrand the expanded event. Though still commonly known as Coffin Creek, hand-outs and fliers were labeled “Crossroads Haunted Village.” There were even two websites: one with the old name, one with the new name. (Sharp-eyed readers, digging through our archives, will note that Hollywood Gothique’s 2013 write-up is titled “Crossroads Haunted Village Review.”)

After going on hiatus in 2015 (due to the death of the park’s owner), the haunt returned in 2016, once again using the Coffin Creek moniker. The attractions, which had previously been independently owned and operated, were now under single ownership; Figment Foundary, the company that had created the excellent Chambers of the Mausoleum and the Labyrinth of Lost Relics, was no longer involved. Consequently, only three attractions were in operation that Halloween: the Haunted Asylum of Coffin Creek, the Catacombs of Guasti Cemetery, and the Prado Witch Trail. In 2017, Coffin Creek once again expanded to five attractions, adding The Dark Realm and the Shady Hollow Hayride.

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