High Desert Haunted House

Scary Halloween Horror in the High Desert

Hollywood Gothique Says:

With its rural, dirt-road location setting ominous vibes before you even reach the venue, the High Desert Haunted House provides a ton of scares for not a ton of money, making it worth the long trek out to Apple Valley.

9976 Bonita Vista Road
Apple Valley, CA 92308

2021 Update: After presenting a Covid-safe haunt during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, High Desert Haunted House offered a Friday the 13th walk-through on August 13, 2021. Halloween plans have yet to be announced as of September 1.

Dates: TBA

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High Desert Haunted House Information

High Desert Haunted HouseHigh Desert Haunted House hides behind a rather generic sounding name, but what’s inside is actually quite distinctive. Its sets place visitors inside a convincing environment that helps the actors bring the scares to life.

High Desert Haunted House is located in Apple Valley, not far from the All Saints Lunatic Asylum Haunted House. The drive to Apple Valley is long, but these two high-quality haunts make the trip doubly worth while.

Video: You can see a brief glimpse of the High Desert Haunted House in the video at top, shot at ScareLA 2018. The High Desert Haunt was one of many haunted houses offering a mini-versions of their Halloween shows; their footage starts at 2:50.

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