Dark Harvest Haunted Corn Maze

A gory nightmare filled with chainsaws, maniacs, and monsters

Hollywood Gothique Says:

More than the typical Halloween haunted house, the Fleshyard is a maze, an escape room, and interactive experience all rolled in one. Definitely recommended.

Frosty’s Forest & Pumpkin Patch
14861 Ramona Avenue, Chino 91710

2021 Update: Formerly the Fleshyard, this outdoor haunted corn maze is rebranding itself as Dark Harvest for Halloween 2021. Additional entertainment at its location in Frosty’s Pumpkin Patch includes paintball, a scare zone, carnival rides, and food vendors.

Dates: Thursdays through Sundays, from September 30 to October 31.

Hours: 7-11pm on Thursdays & Sundays; 7pm-midnight on Fridays & Saturdays.

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Dark Harvest Overview

The Fleshyard 2017 ReviewFormerly located on a pumpkin patch on the corner of Imperial Highway and La Palma in Orange County, this professional walk-through is the brainchild of the creators of Perdition Home Yard Haunt. Known as the Flesh Yard Haunted House when it made its debut in 2015, it offered creepy sets bedecked with animal skins and corpses, slaughterhouse crazies in pig masks wielding chainsaws, an amazingly athletic werewolf, and a trip to the infernal region, with a demonic character welcoming visitors to hell. Though the walk-through was not particularly long, it did make good use of its available space, with some clever touches that turned the experience into something more than a maze with monsters around every corner.

For Halloween 2018, The Fleshyard joined Into the Black to form Horror World in the Puente Hills Mall. Horror World did not return for Halloween 2019, so the Fleshyard moved back to its previous location in Orange County.

In 2020, the Fleshyard moved to Frosty’s Pumpkin Patch in Chino and, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, revamped itself into an outdoor corn maze, which could provide scares while meeting health and safety regulations. The new location offered space for an impressively lengthy walk-through experience and also provided paintball, carnival rides, and food vendors.

For Halloween 2021, the Fleshyard rebranded itself as Dark Harvest, a name more suited to its new existence as a haunted corn maze.

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