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Haunted Rose

The Haunted Rose: A Horror Fanatic's Dream

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With amazing sets and creatures, The Haunted Rose is a horror fan’s dream come to life, offering an esoteric form of horror that mainstream haunts eschew in the quest for a mass audience.

The Whittier Museum
6755 Newlin Avenue
Whittier, CA 90601

2023 Update: The Haunted Rose returns for its third Halloween at the Whittier Historical Society Museum, with a new theme titled Threshold of Darkness, featuring Dr. Macabro’s Collection of Curiosities.

Dates & Hours: The Haunted Rose Walkthrough runs October 21-22, 28-29, 6-11pm. (No show on Halloween Night.) Special Events: A Nightshade market with spooky vendors will open on October 28th at 3pm and on October 29th at noon. A Halloween Hearse Show takes place in the parking lot on October 28 from 3pm till 8pm. The Museum will be open on October 29 from noon to 4pm for free, kid-safe trick-or-treating (no scare actors).

Tickets: $10 dollar entry at the door.

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Haunted Rose History

The Haunted Rose made its debut in 2016 to immediate acclaim and followed up in 2017 with “Maritime Horror,” a wonderfully creepy walk through a fishing village suggesting “Shadow Over Innsmouth.” After going on hiatus in 2018, the Haunted Rose returned in 2019, in a new location with a new theme, Carter’s Crypt, inspired by “The Statement of Randolph Carter.”

During 2020 pandemic lockdown, Haunted Rose converted to a show instead of a walkthrough. Continuing with its penchant for Lovecraft-inspired themes, the theme was “The Colour Out of Space,” described as a “live theatrical display of Cosmic Horror,” presented in a “fun, socially distanced” manner, in consideration of the Covid-19 pandemic. That Christmas, there was a Krampus Night and Hearse Show for the winter season, reusing the display from its Halloween 2020 presentation.

In need of a new location, The Haunted Rose gave up home haunting and joined forces with the Whitter Museum, where they presented “Realm of the Supernatural” in 2021, another example of cosmic horror in the Lovecraft mode. The haunt charged admission, acting as a non-profit fund-raiser for the museum. The relationship proved fruitful, leading to another presentation in 2022, this time based on so-called “Gates of Hell” in nearby Turnball Canyon, alleged the sight of paranormal activity.


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