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Fearplex Halloween Haunt


Formerly located at the
Pomona Fairgrounds
1101 W. McKinley Avenue
Pomona, CA 91765
Website: www.fearplex.com

NO LONGER IN OPERATION: This professional haunted house attraction ceased operation after the death of owner Bob Koritzke in July of 2009. All information on this page is from 2008, preserved for archival purposes.

2008 FEARPLEX HOURS: 7:00 to 10:00pm (last ticket sold) on weekdays, 7:00 to midnight (last ticket sold) on Fridays, Saturdays, and Halloween night

FEARPLEX CHILDREN’S SHOW: In 2008, less scary “Family Time” was available on Sunday October 12 and 19 from 7:00pm to 8:00pm.

2008 FEARPLEX TICKETS: $13.50 for one attraction, $18.50 for both; $20 VIP pass (no waiting, private entrance); $8.50 for children’s matinees.

FEARPLEX PARKING: Lots of parking for the fairgrounds, approximately $10.

FEARPLEX DISCOUNT: Group discounts are available for ten or more.

2008 FEARPLEX PLATINUM PASS: For $39, this pass included admissions for Fearplex, Spooky House, Old Town Haunt, and Seaside Haunt. Tickets may be used once at each location during the Halloween season.


  • Mangler’s Haunted Asylum
  • Lanterman Manor
Copyright 2008 Steve Biodrowski
Copyright 2008 Steve Biodrowski

FEARPLEX HISTORY: Fearplex was located on the Pomona Fairgrounds, which host the Los Angeles Country Fair. Fearplex was preceded in this location by Scareplex, from Shipwreck Productions, the company behind the Queen Mary Terror Fest. Scareplex made its debut in 2004 to mediocre response; after a second season in 2005, the haunt did not return for 2006. Fearplex was a new haunt, produced by the people behind Spooky House, that took over in 2007. Despite the new management, some familiar elements remained, including at least one bandana-wearing skull-faced ghoul of the pirate persuasion. Also, some Scareplex sets were visible, but they were augmented with new ones (including some swapped in from other Spooky House attractions, such as Seaside Haunt). After the death of owner Bob Koritzke in 2009, the Fearplex assets were sold off. That year, the Pomona Fairgrounds introduced a new haunt, Nightmare: A Haunted Attraction, which lasted a few years.

2008 FEARPLEX HORROR STORY CONTEST: The haunt gave tickets for four people to the person who came up with the scariest Halloween story. Entries had to be 1,000 words or less.

copyright 2008 Steve Biodrowski
copyright 2008 Steve Biodrowski

2008 HAUNTED MANOR: In September, the people behind Fearplex presented this walk-through haunted house as one of the many attractions at the annual Los Angeles County Fair. Admission was $5 for the kid-friendly version in the afternoons, $7 for the scarier night-time version. The Manor’s hours of operation were the same as the Fair’s: 11:00am to 10:00pm on Wednesday, 11:am to 11:00pm on Thursday, 11:00am to midnight on Friday, 10:00am to midnight on Saturday, and 10:00 am to 10:00pm on Sunday. Admission ran from $17 for adults on weekends to free for children under five.

RELATED HAUNTS: Before his untimely death, Fearplex was under the aegis of Bob Koritzke, who also owned or co-owned Spooky House , Seaside Haunt, Old Town Haunt , and Skull Kingdom. Old Town Haunt continued operation in 2009, but Fearplex and the other haunts had their sets and props sold off to the new team putting on the Haunted Queen Mary Shipwreck.

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