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Wow - Much More Than You Bargain For!

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On a quiet little street in North Hollywood lurks this creepy home haunt. Though situated in a front yard, it offers far more than a display of decorations; instead, it is a surprisingly creepy walk-through with some lovely scenery and several jump scares – much more than you would expect to find condensed into a relatively limited space.

11238 Califa Street
North Hollywood

Status: This home haunt went dark during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. Since then, the proprietor has moved to a new location hopes to relaunch as a professional attraction.

Admission: Free

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Forbidden Woods Cemetery Haunted House Information
North Hollywood Yard Haunts Forbidden Woods Cemetery 2018 Pumpkin Face
Pumpkin Face

Haunting since 2015, Forbidden Woods Cemetery is the equivalent of a “sleeper” movie – a quite little unsung effort that flies under the radar until being discovered by word of mouth and becoming a hit.

Recommended for ages ten and over (though younger trick-or-treaters have emerged unscathed), Forbidden Woods Cemetery features an impressive walk through a decorated garage and yard (the latter of which is hidden by an external wall, disguising the full extent of the haunt when viewed from the sidewalk). The garage is a spooky lair featuring brief interactivity with the occupant. The path through the fog-bound yard is haunted by several ghosts and creatures, filling the relatively small space with scares; however, most impressive is the atmospheric lighting, which fully immerses visitors in the cemetery’s strange world and makes the short experience (a few minutes) seem like even more than it is.

North Hollywood Yard Haunts Forbidden Woods Cemetery 2018 Evil Woman
A sinister specter lurking in Forbidden Woods Cemetery

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