Murder House Home Haunt

Murder House Home Haunt

Hollywood Gothique Says:

Murder House Productions crafts amateur Halloween Home Haunts with high quality production values and scares, mixing a dark ride approach with amazing sets. The haunt’s footprint is small, but they manage to squeeze many frights into minimal space.

Status: Closed: Since losing its home haunt location, Murder House Productions continues to produce or contribute to other Halloween events, such as the Halloween walk-through at Universal Studios Hollywood in 2021.

Murder House Productions Info

For five years, Murder House Productions offered an amazing home haunt walk-through loaded with great characters and enhanced by setting worthy of a pro haunt. Restricted only by the spacial limitations of a home haunt, Murder House was well worth the drive to Thousand Oaks – an absolute haunt-seeker’s must-see.

Murder House Productions kept its presentation fresh by switching themes theme from year to year: Trick ‘r Treat in 2017, Resurrection in 2018, Wendigo in 2019.

Murder House Productions did not present a home haunt in October or 2020. Instead, they provided an immersive cemetery experience for the opening weekend of SugarMynt Gallery’s Haunted Haddonfield exhibit on September 12-13, then moved the setup to their own neighborhood for a one-night-only haunt on September 16. This served as a sort of farewell bow to their old location, which was about to be sold.

Murder House continues to do popup events such as SHOOK!, a collaboration with Twisted Haunts that took place in the Arlington Heights district of Los Angeles during June 2021 in celebration of Pride Month.

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