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Seaside Haunt

Seaside Park
Ventura County Fairgrounds
10 Harbor Blvd (corner of Figueroa)
Ventura, CA 93001

This once great Halloween attraction, with its foggy seaside atmosphere, suffered from diminishing returns when it expanding to two mazes in 2008. Since the death of owner Bob Koritzke in 2009, it is no longer in operation, its assets having been sold off to the Haunted Queen Mary Shipwreck.

Seaside Haunt Information

All information on this page is from 2005-2008.

Seaside HauntSEASIDE HAUNT HISTORY: This Halloween attraction made its debut in 2005 under the name “Seaside Haunt,” which offered a single elaborately decorated maze based on a “true” legend of a light house operator who turned off the light from time to time, causing ships to crash; supposedly, he disappeared without a trace and was haunting the lighthouse. This was one of the best single mazes we had ever seen — filled with enthusiastic ghouls eager to scare the customers.

In 2008, the original proprietors left Seaside Haunt to create a new Halloween attraction, Skull Kingdom in Woodland Hills. Under new management, Seaside Haunt changed its name to Seaside Haunted Theme Park and expanded to feature two mazes: Mutiny to Purgatory – climb aboard a ship filled with zombie pirates; Blood Beach Haunted Mansion – a haunted house overlooking the sea cliffs, with over 20 haunted rooms.

SEASIDE HAUNTED THEME PARK FEATURES: There are a few tens/kiosks offering snacks and/or souvenirs. Near the entrance there is a tent where you can have a psychic reading.

SEASIDE HAUNTED THEME PARK DRAWBACKS; You have to make the long drive out to Ventura, but that pays off in terms of the extra added atmosphere afforded by proximity to the ocean. Once you are done with the maze, there is little else to do in the Seaside Park, but a few blocks drive will take you into the heart of Ventura, where there are many places to grab a bite to eat.

NOTE: Although there has been talk of changing location in the hope of attracting greater business, Seaside Haunted Theme Park remain in its familiar Ventura location. Please make the trip out there this year – we guarantee you’ll be glad you did!

RELATED HAUNTS: Before his untimely death in 2009,  Seaside Haunt was under the aegis of Bob Koritzke, who also owned or co-owned Spooky House , Fearplex, Old Town Haunt , and Skull Kingdom. Old Town Haunt continued operation until 2013, but the other haunts closed. Assets from Spooky House were sold off and incorporated into the the Queen Mary Hotel’s annual Halloween event, which was renamed Haunted Queen Mary Shipwreck that Halloween.

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