Theatre 68 Haunted House

L.A.'s First Interactive Theatrical Halloween Experience

Hollywood Gothique Says:

Before retiring, this forerunner of interactive theatrical Halloween events in Los Angeles, Theatre 68’s Haunted House blazed a trail that many have followed, though few have succeeded so well.

Theatre 68
5112 Lankershim Blvd
North Hollywood, CA 91601

Theatre 68’s Haunted House was a forerunner of today’s interactive haunts. Though Theatre 68 remains active, they have not presented their haunted house since 2012.


Last for seven years (2006 through 2012), Theatre 68’s annual Haunted House offered one of the most uniquely dramatic and theatrical Halloween events at its location on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. Long before “interactive” became a Halloween buzzword, the 68 Cent Crew were taking a confrontational approach to horror, making visitors feel like active participants, with the scares directed at them and in some cases seemingly staged for their benefit.

Unfortunately, in 2013, Theatre 68 moved to NoHo Arts Theatre, a venue that was not conducive for the theatre troup’s annual Halloween event. Instead, the 68 Cent Crew presented The Afflicted, a revised version of Leif Gantvoort’s clever 2006 play They’re Not Zombies. After skipping 2014, they returned with a new adaptation of Dracula in 2015. Since then, they have moved to the old Deaf West theatre, where they continue to stage plays but nothing specifically for Halloween. At this point, it appears unlikely that they will resurrect their haunted house.


In its old location on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, this local theatre mounted an annual Halloween attraction from 2006 through 2012, transforming their stage space into a haunted house. It was not as elaborate as some professional haunts, but the theatre made great use of its available space, along with some nice sets and costumes, to creative an effectively frightening experience that offers perhaps the best scream-to-cost ratio in Los Angeles.

Note: Theatre 68 used to be located at 5419 Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, CA.


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