Hollywood Gothique

The Doten Spooky House

E. Orange Grove Boulevard, Pasadena

This festive home haunt in Pasadena, which operated only on odd-numbered years, gave up the ghost after Halloween 2007.

During our single visit, we encountered an expansive yard loaded with tombstones and decorative lights. A few sound effects enhancde the cemetery feel, but the tone was mostly jokey (with gravestone markers for Bush and Michael Bolton). Passing through an arch, we took the long walk toward the house, accompanied by a silent figure in a gas mask. The front of the house was even more elaborately decorated with bones, an angel skeleton, and wafts of fog. The costumed proprietors guarded the door, scaring older children and adults but treating timid youngsters amiably enough. While taking candy, it was a good idea to glance through the front door: the inside of the house was just as haunted as the outside, including some lovely miniature pieces above the fireplace mantle.

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