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The Eternal Rest Cemetery

414 Rose Avenue, Eternal Rest Cemetery SignVenice, California

2015 Dates: None

This entertaining and popular yard haunt, with a brief but effective walk-through maze, entertained Venice trick-or-treaters for many years before going dark in 2014. With the properieter’s decision not to resurrect the Halloween attraction for 2015, we have moved our listing into the Graveyard of Lost Halloween Haunts.

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This annual yard haunt was quite the attraction in Venice, drawing crowds of costumed fans who lined up on the sidewalk and down the block on Halloween night. The compact front yard was filled with decorations (store-bought), and there was a claustrophobic walk-through around the side of the house; the cramped corridor, with its by tight turns, left  you no room to evade the creatures lurking within.  It took only a few minutes to manuever through its confines, but it was very effective, with scares too intense for younger children.

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