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Haunting in Sylmar Yard Display

Haunting in Sylmar 2018
Carved pumpkins at Haunting in Sylmar.
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Hollywood Gothique Says:

The Haunting in Sylmar boasts a vivid display of countless Jack-O’Lanterns, animatronic ghosts, dragons, and a variety of seasonal displays. We were extremely impressed with the hand carved pumpkins, which gave Rise of the Jack-O-Lanterns a run for their money.

Status: In Limbo. The haunt went on hiatus during the Covid-19 pandemic and has not advised us of any plans to resume.

Address: 12929 Aztec Street, Sylmar, CA 91342

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Haunting in Sylmar Information

Haunting in Sylmar trio of Jack O'LanternsHollywood Gothique first visited this home haunt in 2018, when it lived up to intriguing photographs and description offered by the proprietor:

“A large number of intricately-carved jack-o-lanterns (sometimes 20-plus) mixed in with a graveyard scene, which is decorated with skeletons, masks, tombstones, lighting, mist, and electronics. Music plays in the background. Although atmospheric and generally spooky, it is family friendly. There have been instances where really, really young kids have run off crying, although most are fascinated, and their parents love it. We also give out full-sized candy bars rather than the ‘fun size’ candies. Although the family members wear costumes, there aren’t any actors in makeup or masks. The decorations are confined to the front yard and a hillside on our property.”

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