The House of Restless Spirits

1008 Euclid Street Santa Monica, CA


Some of the most amazing and imaginative effects ever seen at a Halloween event in Los Angeles.

2015 DATES & HOURS: None. House of Restless Spirits remains on indefinite hiatus, which began in 2014 due to concerns about neighbors.


This Halloween Haunt - operated by Eric Maurin, a professional magician, and Rick Ouwerkerk, an aerospace engineer - was good enough to earn high praise from the folks who used to run Hallowed Haunting Grounds. An amazing tour around an old house not too far from the Pacific Ocean, the attraction featured a series of incredible ghostly manifestations tingle your senses, some in the yard and some in the windows. The effects were  subtle but spooky, emphasizing imagination and atmosphere instead of shock. This was definitely a haunt that demanded a careful gaze and patient appreciation, so that the phantoms might appear at their leisure.