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Via Del Lago Yard Haunt

418 Via Del Lago
Newbury Park (Thousand Oaks) 91320

Status: The last time we tried to visit (October 2019), this Halloween yard haunt had gone dark.

Via Del Lago Yard Haunt History

Via Del Lago Haunt 2014. Photo by William Greca.This amateur yard display was in operation for many years, haunting a cul-de-sac in Dos Vientos, an upscale neighborhood in Newbury Park (a community in the western portion of Thousand Oaks). The immense front yard was filled with coffins, skeletons, and tombstones, while  a silently screaming face flashed in a second-floor window.

The defining feature of the Via Del Lago Haunt was jokey inscriptions on the gravestones (“Bob Barker, come on down!” “Here lies the last dog that pooped in my yard”), which made this suitable for neighborhood trick-or-treating (one or two other houses got in in on the act).

Though we never witnessed it, haunt-seekers in the area informed us that, on some years, there was also a walk-through component on Halloween Night. Presumably, any scares were whimsical than terrifying.

The Via Del Lago Haunt has no visible web presence to announce its schedule or its termination.

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