West Hollywood Haunted Pub Crawl

An Ectoplasmic Blast of Fun!
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Hollywood Gothique Says:

Those who have supped full on Halloween horrors – braved haunted houses, imbibed noxious atmosphere, and felt the foetid breath of demons – deserve a drink or three, served with a heaping side order of ghost stories as hysterical as they are haunting. The West Hollywood Haunted Pub Crawl delivers – with good food, great stories, lots of laughs, and plenty of drink specials.
Whether or not you encounter paranormal activity, you will definitely raise your spirits. But beware – the ectoplasm is so thick on Sunset Boulevard, you need an aqualung to breathe!

West Hollywood Haunted Pub Crawl
Pink Taco (starting point)
8225 W. Sunset Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90046

2019 Dates: None.

The official website expired in September 2018, and our inquiries to the proprietor have gone unanswered. Sadly, we do not expect this excellent event to return.

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West Hollywood Haunted Pub Crawl Overview

The West Hollywood Haunted Pub Crawl takes carousing guests on a spooky tour of allegedly haunted locations along the Sunset Strip. Starting at Pink Taco, the three-hour walking tour covers a mile along the Sunset Strip, filled with ghastly and ghostly tales of sordid local history. Pub stops (where participants can sit down and drink) include The Den, Sunset Trocadero, and Saddle Ranch. Exterior stops (where the guide pauses to tell his tales) include Chateau Marmont, Sunset Tower Hotel, and The Comedy Store.

General Admission includes drink specials, prizes, a shot, cotton candy, and unlimited bull rides at Saddle Ranch.

VIP Admission also includes a gift, appetizer buffet at Pink Taco, and a free drink at the Den.

Costumes are encouraged but not required.

 West Hollywood Haunted Pub Crawl History

Making its debut in Halloween 2015, the West Hollywood Haunted Pub Crawl immediately established itself as one of the most enjoyable Halloween events in Los Angeles, featuring an amusing guide, great ghost stories, lots of laughs, plenty of drink specials (including freebies at the Den), and good food at The Sunset Trocadero Lounge. Though more fun than frightening, there were one or two spooky moments, and the entire event was a blast from start to finish.

Due to extenuating circumstances, the West Hollywood Haunted Pub Crawl did not make good on its promise to return for Halloween 2016. When the official website went dark in 2017, Hollywood Gothique feared the event had shuffled off to the Graveyard of Lost Halloween Haunts. Imagine our surprise when the pub crawl rose from the dead to announce its return for Halloween 2017!

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