Drunken Devil Halloween Haunt



2019 Date:

  • September 21: To Live & Di(n)e in L.A.
  • October 5: Bloody Brunch
  • October 19: Black Magic

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Drunken Devil General Information

Drunken Devil Productions describes itself as a “Los Angeles-based, horror-centric live-entertainment company specializing in haunted nightlife, dining experiences, and special events." It stages parties and other activities throughout the year, sometimes during the Halloween season.

The Drunken Devil History

sinner's soiree 2Drunken Devil Productions made its Halloween Haunt debut with "The Sinner's Soiree" in 2015. This 18-and-over event offered visitors a a chance to “encounter a menagerie of twisted, monstrous manifestations of vice and depravity” in a maze simulating a New Orleans-style descent into Hell, culminating in your arrival at a bar, where you could drown your eternal sorrows in (real) alcohol, while watching cabaret acts.

After going on hiatus a couple of Halloweens, Drunken Devil returned in 2017 with "Night of 1,000 Devils" - an intimate, black-tie, 21-and-over soiree open to 100 guests at an undisclosed location. October 2018's offering was Bacchanalia, the Reign of Caligula, "an immersive theatrical narrative" about the degenerate court of the infamous emperor, which contained "contains explicit sexual themes and violent content."