Urban Death: Tour of Terror Haunted Theatre

Formless Terror Flashing in the Dark

Hollywood Gothique Says:

You may think you have experienced every type of fright that Halloween has to offer, but you haven’t – not until you take this disturbing Tour of Terror. Urban Death will send a skeletal finger tracing a ticklish path down your spine, raising the hairs one by one. Shivers, more than screams, await you in this haunted theatre, which provides a truly distinctive horror experience: fragmentary glimpses of images too horrible to comprehend, too brief to be understood, followed by a darkness inhabited by formless shadows that you hope exist only in your imagination.

Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre
4850 Lankershim Boulevard, North Hollywood, California 91601
(818) 202-4120 - reservations

2019 Dates: Fridays & Saturdays, plus Halloween Night (Thursday October 31), from October 4 through November 2

2019 Hours: 8pm, 9pm, 10pm, 10:45pm, and 11:30pm; 7pm family-friendly version on Saturdays & Halloween Night

Tickets: $16 in advance, $20 at the door

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Urban Death Tour of Terror General Information

Making its debut in 2013, this new Halloween attraction is is part walk-through maze, part performance art - including a fifteen-minute series of disturbing blackout vignettes. Urban Death: Tour of Terror features minimal production values (basically a black, empty stage) but, like a martial arts master, turns this weakness into strength by using performances, punctuated by light and shadow, to create stark, indelible images that sink into the brain. The result is fairly far removed from most Halloween haunts, and thrill-seekers expecting more high-adrenalin scares  may be disappointed. But  connoisseurs of terror should be delighted by the opportunity to savor this distinctive blend of shivers.

There is plenty of street parking at the location, but allow five minutes for seating. No food or drink allowed inside.

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