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Clown Town

Clown Town 2018 front yard

Clown Town Halloween Yard Haunt

Hollywood Gothique Says:

Creepy Clowns are all around in this delightfully demented front yard display.

The Corner House
25302 Via Palacio
Valencia 91355

2023 Status: Low-Profile. Clown Town is not on the SoCal Haunts list, but it is open.

Clown Town is a yard display featuring – you’ve guessed it – Clowns! The Halloween home haunt is situated on a corner where the owners are able to use the space to create a perspective resembling a large carnival, filled with clown props, including an animatronics. The yard haunt usually begins setting up props on October 1, but recommended viewing is during the final week of the month. Additions and changes continued through October 30, with live actors on Halloween night.

Clown Town Photo Gallery

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