Coffinwood Cemetery Yard Haunt

Coffinwood Cemetery

Hollywood Gothique Says:

Impressive yard display with mostly homemade decorations and a short walk-through.

27159 Waterford Drive
Valencia, CA 91354

2019 Dates & Hours: October 12, 18-19, 25-26, 31; 7-10pm

Coffinwood Cemetery is a combination of Halloween yard display and short walk-through. Not exactly a maze, it offers a path through the front yard so that you can peruse the tombstones, skeletons, and ghouls (all home made except for the animatronics) before heading into a "mausoleum" - a convincing facade built over the garage, which leads to a single black-lit room with decorations and an electric chair.

The haunt runs a few days toward the end of October, including Halloween Night, beginning with a non-scare preview (no live monsters) on the first evening. Even without jump-scares, this home haunt is worth visiting just for the display, which also includes a giant spider atop the roof.

Coffinwood Cemetery Halloween Yard Haunt Photo Gallery