Grimwood Hollow

Grimwood Hollow Burbank Yard Haunts 2018

Grimwood Hollow

Hollywood Gothique Says:

Words don’t fully do justice to Grimwood Hollow, where lanterns, candles, gravestones, jack o’lanterns, skeletal figures, and spiderwebs intertwine to create a Halloween wonderland, enhanced with beautifully atmospheric lighting.

618 N Sparks Street, Burbank

2022 Status: On Hiatus.

Grimwood Hollow History

After relocating from Pasadena, where it was last seen in 2016 as “Wicked Vines,” Grimwood Hollow injected new life into the Burbank yard haunt community – as if there weren’t enough already! Created by the man behind The Haunted Vineyard (an excellent pro haunt that went dark several years ago), Grimwood Hollow uses every trick possible to provide a spooky fairy tale display, filled with webs, pumpkins, a witch with her cauldron, skeletons, neatly designed tombstones, and a guest appearance from the Fillmore Graves Truck!

After going dark during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, Grimwood Hollow returned in 2021. That year featured a new immersive version of their yard display, modified to protect audiences from infection. The front yard was abandoned in favor of a scaled-down backyard presentation, with a reservation system to control crowd size. Masks were required.