Halloween Music House

Halloween Music House 3600 Clark Avenue

Halloween Music House
Yard Haunt Display
3600 W. Clark Avenue, Burbank
Nightly till 10pm and Beyond

2019 Dates & Hours: To Be Announced. It's usually up and running the last few days of October, with music playing through speakers until 10pm.

This haunted house yard display features numerous gravestones, static skeletons, a ghostly projection on the house, spooky silhouettes in the windows, and funny signage ("Eat Locals"). However, its true distinction is that the lighting is synchronized with Halloween songs, which can be heard through unseen speakers and also over the car stereo by tuning to 99.1. So you can peruse the haunt closeup from the sidewalk or remain in your car.

The speakers turn off around 10pm, but the lights and the broadcast signal continue later, so you can still enjoy the combination of sight and sounds - if you can find a parking space that provides a good vantage of the yard.

There is also another decorated house a block away, at 3516 Clark Avenue.

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