Haunted by Memories Manor

9911 Alesia Street (note new address)
South El Monte, Ca 91733

Haunted by Memories Manor graveyard2018 Dates: October 27 & 31 walk-through and yard display; October 28th yard display only.

This Halloween, Haunted by Memories Manor movies to a new location (across the street from the old location), where it presents a shorter walk-through haunt and a Wedding Yard Display theme (in honor of of the owners' recent nuptials).

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Haunted By Memories Manor History

After cutting back to a yard display in 2016, Haunted by Memories Manor has announced that it will resurrect its walk-through for Halloween 2017. The proprietors had been considering a switch to community haunt, perhaps in the local church, but it appears they will be haunting their home once again.

This home haunt features home-made grave stones, some digital effects, and live actors. Decorations include singing Jack O’Lanterns and several animatronic figures: a coy werewolf who moves only when least expected; a masked madman raising a severed head; and a “walker” using a walker – i.e., a groaning zombie torso holding itself up by its hands, poised awkwardly over the metallic device. The walk-through features “stone” columns leading into a garage transformed into a lair, filled with ghoulish props (including a real bat and a rat, both dead) - the perfect abode for the witches, vampires, and other fiends.

Haunted by Memories Manor is free; however, the haunt accepts donations for charity. Donated food items will be distributed for Thanksgiving.



Impressive yard display featuring home-made decorations, plus a scary walk-through lair.