Hellsir 666

2021 Dates: None listed.

10522 Lemon Avenue
Rancho  Cucamonga 91737

Hellsir Cemetery Info

As Hellsire Cemetery, this melancholy Halloween yard haunt offered everything from cobwebbed crypts to Gothic tombstones, carefully landscaped and enhanced with eye-popping lighting design. The set pieces were intricately detailed, with a tomb haunted by sinister spirits who appeared and disappeared at will.

Suitable for all ages, Hellsir Cemetery was moody but not too scary for young trick-or-treaters.

For Halloween 2020, Hellsir Cemetery departed from their usual format. Early in the year, the proprietors decided not to present a haunt and sold their old props and settings. Seeing that the Covid-19 pandemic had created a void that needed filling, they decided to create a new yard display, based on The Purge.

Hellsir Cemetery Photographs

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