The Opechee Haunt

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Hollywood Gothique Says:

This imaginative home haunt switches theme and approach from one Halloween to the next, from a colorful yard display with the emphasis on comedy to a monochromatic maze with an emphasis on sinister dread.

1307 Opechee Way
Glendale, CA 91208

2019 Dates: October 19-20, 26-27 - 7-10pm; Halloween Night - 7-11pm

2019 Update: This Halloween season, Opechee Haunt resurrects Jack's Halloween JamBOOree, an amusing display of talking Jack-O'Lanterns, with sound and lighting effects in the front yard.

Check out the Opechee Haunt Archive:

    Opechee Haunt History

    Opechee Haunt started in 2011 as a small maze at a Halloween party. Since then, the home haunt has grown, sometimes offering a walk-through, sometimes (as in 2017) offering a yard display with recorded voices timed to lighting and visual effects.

    For Halloween 2018, Opechee Haunt offered a walk-through titled the Donnie Darko Experience, inspired by the cult movie, which was creepy but too scary for all but the most timid trick-or-treaters.