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Reichland Asylum Home Haunt

Riveting Halloween Horror in Riverside

Hollywood Gothique says...

Reichland Asylum offers a top-tier haunt experience on par with the best Halloween Home Haunts. Interior production design is not quite on the level of Beware the Dark Realm or Rotten Apple 907, but there are several clever touches, and the asylum facade out front is truly impressive. Special effects are minimal, but that hardly matters since the inmates running the asylum are the true stars of the show. These manic characters, each is insane in their own way, make Reichland truly something special.

Reichland Asylum (walk-through)
3980 Bandini Avenue
Riverside, CA 92506


2023 Update: This year’s theme is The Return of Sarah Crawford, Part 2.

Dates & Hours: 13-14, 20-22, 27-29, Nov. 3-4, 7-10pm.

Reichland Asylum Information

Reichland offers a lengthy walk-through, which begins with new “patients” being escorted inside for a brief orientation, followed by decontamination. The path takes you inside and outside of the institution – through a doctor’s office, past patient cells, into a nurse’s station, and out into an alleyway behind.

Along the way, you can distinguish staff from inmates mostly by clothing, since all of them seem equally insane. What’s nice is that, instead of being generically crazy, the characters have individual obsessions: a doctor raves about eyes watching from the walls; a patient wants you to become part of her stuffed-animal collection; and most hilariously, a man in the alley (either homeless or an escapee) covets your shoes.

For Halloween 2022, Reichland Asylum announced that it was downsizing its presentation to an immersive display, then at the last minute decided to open their walk-through for the final weekend of the season.

Nearby Halloween Haunts

Reichland Asylum is conveniently close to two other entertaining home haunts, both inspired by Disneyland attractions. There is a Haunted Mansion yard display across the street and half a block up. The address is 4027 Bandini Avenue. A few blocks away is a fairly elaborate Pirates of Magnolia yard display at 5121 Magnolia Avenue.

Also nearby is White Park at 3936 Chestnut Street, where Ghost Walk Riverside takes place a couple nights in late October every year.