Restless Souls Manor

Restless Souls Manor
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Located in Palmdale, Restless Souls Manor Haunt is a long drive north through a long stretch of desert, but worth the trip.

38143 52nd Street E.
Palmdale, CA 93552

2021 Update: After presenting a yard display during the 2020 pandemic, this Halloween home haunt has not announced a return for 2021.

In previous years, Restless Souls Manor had established itself above the competition, with an immersive, six-room walk-through featuring set pieces as impressive as any seen in Halloween theme parks. Victims entered in small groups to enhance the scare experience; they could take their time, pausing to appreciate the scenery (though this may make them vulnerable to the dangers lurking within). Restless Souls Manor offered a “no scare” option: a flashing baton to ward off the spirits as you approach.

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