The Haunting of Corona

Haunting of Corona medium room5415 Brockton Avenue in Riverside

On Hiatus: The haunt went dark in 2016; the official website indicates a planned return for Halloween 2018. We have contacted the owners but have not heard back.

Tickets: $5 (donated to breast cancer research)

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This excellent home haunt (located in Riverside despite its name) has a certain affinity with The Backwoods Maze - not in terms of theme or style but of length and quality. The impressively extensive walk-through circumnavigates the house, heading through the back yard, which includes separate sections with a variety of monsters: witches, werewolves, clowns, and even characters from the Purge, each in its own appropriate environment. Though the sets are fairly basic, they are cleverly constructed: some are straight forward; others feature narrow passages and sharp corners, making it easy for monsters to block your way. There are also some genuine dead ends that force you to backtrack and find your way out; it turns out that the monsters are playing a joke at your expense - blocking hidden passageways that they open only after a couple of failed attempts on your part to find a way out.

There is a $5 donation to get inside, but the haunt is worth three times that much, and the money goes to a good cause: breast cancer research.