The Mourning Rose Manor Yard Haunt

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Hollywood Gothique Says:

Moody and sad, this Simi Valley yard haunt features only a few special effects (green light glowing in the fog, a skeleton popping from a tombstone), but the mournful voice of the Bride in Black, explaining why she and other souls are trapped for eternity, creates memorably evocative experience.

5250 Aurelia Street, Simi Valley 93063

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2019 Schedule: October 1-31, from 6:30pm till 10pm

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Mourning Rose Manor Information

Mourning Rose Manor offers an elaborate yard display somewhat in the spirit of The Haunt with No Name Yet, which is to say the tombstones and mannequins combine to provide an otherworldly sense of a strange Halloween landscape, evoking shivers rather than shrieks. It's all quite beautifully arranged and worth the long drive, especially because it is situated conveniently close to the Hellizondo Haunt.

Mourning Rose Manor typically has tombstones, lights, skeletons, and phantoms haunting on display all month long. The ghosts of times long past stir and wait for their chance to walk among the living. Will you come and greet them? They’re always looking for company. Come stay a while…a long while….

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