The Perdition Home Yard Haunt

Gleefully Gore Amateur Walk-Through

Hollywood Gothique Says:

Perdition Home lives up to its own hype as the self-proclaimed “Goriest Home Haunt in Orange County,” but it is much more than a mere gorefest. Featuring a high quota of jump-scares, delivered through some clever hiding places, the amateur walk-through uses impressive murals and production design to bring a new theme to life each Halloween, each with its own distinctive aura – strange, weird, and unusual.

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5181 Manor View Drive
Yorba Linda, CA 92886

2019 Date & Hours: To Be Announced.

2019 Update: This Halloween, Perdition Home's theme is "Nine Circles of Hell," which sounds way too ambitious for a home haunt, but since they pulled off an outer space theme in 2015, anything is possible for them.

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Perdition Home History

Perdition Home Logo HorizontalWith its ghastly walk-through, Perdition Home has established itself a grizzly delight for fans of hard-core Halloween horror, with a tone and intensity somewhat along the lines of the Backwoods Maze in Burbank - filled with eviscerated bodies and electric firecrackers for a jolting effect. However, Perdition Home offers more than gore; it is an elaborate home haunt, featuring impressive sets and more than a few surprises along its walk-through: such as the crashed spaceship for 2015's theme, Necro Space.

Perdition Home reduced itself to a short walk-through for Halloween 2016 (some of the talent invested their energy in a nearby pro haunt, Pumpkin Patch Haunt: The Flesh Yard, which had made a nice debut in 2015). Then Perdition Home returned in full force for Halloween 2017, with a new theme, "Brujos," then followed up with "Death Cult," a serial killer theme, for 2018.

Perdition Home is free but accepts donations to defray costs.