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More than a studio tour with a seasonal overlay, Warner Bros Horror Made Here is a multi-haunt attraction featuring mazes based on its own horror movie franchises. Convincing settings, eerie additions to the back lot tram ride, and a behind-the-scenes look at real studio props and costumes combine into an event that feels like a large-scale Halloween block party.

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Warner Bros. Studios
3400 Warner Boulevard
Burbank, CA 91505 United States

2019 Dates & Hours: None. The Haunt is going on hiatus.

2019 Update: In April, Warner Bros sent a mass email announcing that Horror Made Here would not be open for Halloween 2019. Disappointed fans were advised to check the event's website for possible announcements in 2020.

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Horror Made Here: A Festival of Frights General Information

This night-time event adds a Halloween overlay to the studio's year-round back-lot tram tour, plus mazes and other horror entertainment, all based on Warner-owned franchises.

There is a party-like atmosphere in the central square that forms the hub of the event. Ticket sales are supposed to be kept to reasonable levels to prevent overcrowding.

The event is for ages 13 and over.

Halloween 2017 featured mazes based on A Nightmare on Elm StreetThe Conjuring, and IT (essentially the Neibolt House, which had appeared as a promotional event in Hollywood prior to the release of the film). There was also a virtual-reality attraction based on IT, and the back lot tram tour was haunted by zombies, vampires, and the feuding sisters from Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

For Halloween 2018, a new IT maze was featured, reusing the facade of the Neibolt house but taking visitors through many more locations. The Nightmare on Elm Street was replaced by Arkham Asylum, featuring villains from DC Comics. Freddy Kruger was transferred to the back lot, where he met Jason Voorhees in A Nightmare on Camp Crystal Lake. Most memorable was The Exorcist: Forbidden Screening, which spliced together horrific highlights from the 1973 classic, enhanced with in-theatre effects and actors.

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