All Saints Lunatic Asylum Haunted Attraction

Halloween Horror in the High Desert

Hollywood Gothique Says:

Crazy, funny, scary – like a good low-budget movie, the All Saints Lunatic Asylum Haunted Attraction uses solid if unspectacular resources to create something more effective than many haunted houses with money to burn. With low admission price, the cost-to-scare ratio is phenomenal. Highly recommended – well worth the drive north to remote Apple Valley.

22521 Shawnee Road
Apple Valley, CA 92308

2019 Dates:

  • Valentines Day: February 14-16
  • Easter: April 12-13
  • Zombie Fun Run: Friday September 13 at SBC Fair (details here)
  • Halloween: October 4-5, 11-12, 18-19, 25-27, 31 & November 1-2.
  • Christmas: December 13-14

Hours: 7-10pm.

Tickets: $13

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All Saints Lunatic Asylum Rotten Egg Hunt 2019 (Photo copyright 2019 Steve Biodrowsk)

All Saints Lunatic Asylum General Information

This independent walk-through haunted house offers excellent Halloween horror in the high desert of Southern California, about ninety minutes from Los Angeles. Located in a strip mall off Highway 18, it is easy to overlook without the aid of a GPS. The exterior is hardly auspicious, but this is another example proving that one should never judge a book by its cover.

All Saints Lunatic Asylum is open not only for Halloween but also during other holidays: Valentine's Day, Easer, Friday the 13th (not a holiday, per se, but whatever), and Christmas.

Additionally, the proprietors provide Escape Room adventures throughout the year.

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