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Halloween Haunt Awards 2016: The Winners

As you can see from the photo above, the Halloween Haunt Awards After-Party is typically honored more in the breach than the observance.

For easy reference, here is a complete list of the 2016 Halloween Haunt Award winners. In each category, the winner is at top, followed by a list of nominees (if any). Explanations and praise for the selections can be found in the articles linked at the bottom.

  • Note on Eligibility: Haunts that previously won in a category are not eligible to win in the same category unless they have been substantially revised. They are eligible to win in other categories.
Best Non-Haunt Halloween Event

Winner: Santa Monica Zombie Crawl


Best Stage Presentation/Play

Winner: The Turn of the Screw at Actors Co-op Crossley Theatre


Best Play in Non-Theatrical Setting

Winner: Delusion, His Crimson Queen


Best Short Play/Performance

Winner: The Tell Tale Heart at Drama After Dark


  • From Beyond at Wicked Lit
Best Home Haunt Yard Display

Winner: The House at Haunted Hill


  • Boot Hill
  • Coffinwood Cemetery
  • The Haunt with No Name Yet
  • Haunted by Memories Manor
  • Haunted Groundz

Note: previous winner Boney Island (2014) not eligible this year.

Best Amateur Haunted House Walk-Through

Winner: Rotten Apple 907’s Not So Enchanted Forest


Note: previous winner The Backwoods Maze (2013) not eligible this year.

Best Scare Zone

Winner: The Purge, Gauntlet of Fear at Halloween Horror Nights


Best Monster

Winner: Scary Mary at Dark Harbor


Best Addition to an Existing Haunt

Winner: Infected at the Reign of Terror Haunted House

  • No Nominees
Honorable Mention

Winner: Skeleton Key Rooms at Knotts Scary Farm

  • No Nominees
Best Professional Display, Ride, or Simulation

Winner: FearVR

  • No Nominees
Best Professional Haunted House Walk-Through

Winner: Shadowlands at Knotts Scary Farm


  • Aftermath 2 at Fright Fest
  • The Exorcist at Halloween Horror Nights
  • Lullaby at Dark Harbor
  • Motel 6 Feet Under
  • Paranormal Inc. at Knotts Scary Farm
  • Sinister Pointe
  • The Walking Dead at Halloween Horror Nights

Note: previous winner Reign of Terror (2013) not eligible this year.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Winner: The Hallowed Haunting Grounds

  • No Nominees
Best Halloween Theme Park

Winner: None


  • Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood
  • Knotts Berry Farm Halloween Haunt
  • Queen Mary Dark Harbor
  • Six Flags Magic Mountain Fright Fest
Best Halloween Attraction of 2016

Winner: Reign of Terror Haunted House (photo at top)

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