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Halloween Odyssey 2018: Antelope Valley Mazes

Hollywood Gothique’s Antelope Valley Correspondent visited a trio of scary mazes on Halloween Night. Here is her assessment…
Terror Tricked Entertainment: Trick or Terror
44307 42nd St W
Lancaster, CA 93536
Halloween Night, 5-11pm

Trick or Terror opened early for haunt seekers before it even got dark. This walk-through is only about a minute long but makes good use of the small space. It’s impressive what they’re able to do with only three actors, placing them so that they can each get you a couple times as you wind through the twisting corridors.

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Best feature: Makeup and costumes, see for yourself in the picture above.

Way to improve: These guys did a great job with a small haunt, it’d be even better if it were bigger, perhaps expanding into the driveway or yard.



The Asylum
42410 Coronet Ct

Quartz Hill 93536
October 31, 6-10pm

The Asylum opened a later than advertised, but there was already a line of people who’ve come to love this neighborhood haunt over the years. They manage to cram a lot of great decorations and actors into the large blue tent in the yard, and the theme (and even name) changes every year, so be prepared for a new name and theme for the Coronet Ct haunt next year.

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Best Feature: Overall layout. The simple zig zag pattern created by the small walls limits the guests field of visions, allowing the haunt to feel bigger than it is, with every right angle allowing for a new and mostly isolated sight.

Way to improve: Instead of starting “at dark” set an O’clock time so all actors know when to be there, and all guests know when to show up. The hours of Halloween night and precious few and can’t be spent waiting.



Windy Hills Haunt
6650 Lime Rd

Lancaster 93536
October 31, 6-10pm

Windy Hills Haunt is an eclectic walk-through with many themes built up over the years and all utilized in numerous hallways. One aspect that may affect if this it the haunt for you is the smell. I went back twice with 30 minutes between to check if it was temporary, but the walk-through consistently smelled very strongly of cigar smoke, so if that’s not something you want for yourself or your children, or if you have asthma, it may be prudent to think twice. Hopefully this aspect is changed for future years.

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Best Feature: The piano is a great custom prop/effect, the keys actually move in the flickering light.

Way to improve: Don’t smoke in your own haunt, especially since it’s in the rules for guests.


Restless Souls Manor in Palmdale was reviewed the weekend before Halloween, and Starview Manor in Lancaster was reviewed in full that night as well.

It’s very subjective what makes a good home haunt, and which is best for you can change from year to year. That said, and having for the first time visited all five of the Antelope Valley’s home haunts in 2018, my personal favorite was Starview Manor. I hope you can make it to all five, but if you have to pick only one for 2019, that would be my recommendation.

Marie Desloups

Author Marie Desloups prefers to remain a mystery. You never know when she may be at your side while you are walking through a Halloween Haunt.