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Halloween Haunt Odyssey: Granada Hills, North Hills, Simi Valley

Editor’s Note: Correspondent Marie Desloups takes trick-or-treaters on a virtual tour of yard haunts in North Hills, Granada Hills, and Simi Valley. Read on – if you dare!


Granada Hills Yard Haunts: Gothic Hills, Pumpkin Hallow, Spooky Hollow

Our first stop was Gothic Hills Cemetery. This place was amazing. Definitely a must-see. On par with Boney Island and House at Haunted Hill. One could easily spend over an hour here. The decorations are amazing, and there are several interactive games with prizes. The address is 9648 Odessa Avenue in North Hills, California.

Not too far away is a pair of yard haunts in Granada Hills. Pumpkin Hallow (from the proprietor of the defunct Jackson Manor) is at 11531 McLennan Avenue, Granada Hills, CA 91344; Spooky Hollow (not be confused with “The Spooky Hollows” on Gilmore Street) is across the street.

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Simi Valley Yard Haunts: Hellizondo & More

Heading out to Simi Valley brought us to the Haunt at Hellizondo. This features amazing decorations in the front yard and a great walk-through haunt with a story. This is well worth the time it takes to get to Simi Valley, and I say that living nearly two hours away. Located at 2134 Elizondo Avenue in Simi Valley 93065, Hellizondo is conveniently close to several other great, though unnamed, yard haunts, making the trip even more worthwhile.

These six Simi Valley home haunts are seen in the next pictures.  If you want to check these out, punch the address 1318 Fuller Street Simi Valley 93065 into your GPS – that’s the house at the center of the action, but it is just one of many that really impressed me. These homes go all out, easily as good as many professional attractions.

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Simi Valley Yard Haunts: The Butler Estate

Finally, we traveled high in the hills of Simi Valley to the Butler Estate, which once upon a time was the Butler Zombie Estate – before it was invaded by aliens! Located at 3040 Moonstone Avenue, this one home  haunt is impressive by itself; however, it is not alone – all four houses to the right are fully decorated for Halloween.

For 2015 The Butler Estate has been overrun by aliens, among other creatures; fortunately, the flying saucer is under military guard. Around to the left is a very short walk-through. You won’t find any jump-scares here, just a caged skeleton, and an alien escaping from its crate. Approaching the door for your Halloween treat, you’ll be greeted by two more skeletons, and their skeletal pets. You can rest easy knowing nothing will pop out of the coffin to get you, but don’t rest too easy, as that coffin has room for you. When leaving The Butler Estate, two lazy bags of bones will wave goodbye, hopefully they’ll get back to work soon.

Just next door to Butler is Field of Screams. Take note of the fantastic Headless Horseman display, complete with horse and sword. Don’t steal any treasure from his pirate sidekick, or you may end up as the next headstone in the graveyard, along, with Fred, Clyde, and Elvis. Lights, pumpkins, skeletons, and even a mummy, this house is one of the reasons Moonstone Ave is well worth a visit.

The fun’s not over yet, right next door is another haunted yard. Look out for the giant bat and over-sized spiders, wouldn’t want your skull to be the next decoration in this spooky yard. The next two houses are also quite fun, with an indoor display visible through the window for the first, and giant towering clown and pumpkin monsters at the next.

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Photos copyright 2015 Marie Desloups.

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Marie Desloups

Author Marie Desloups prefers to remain a mystery. You never know when she may be at your side while you are walking through a Halloween Haunt.