The 13th Gate Asylum

13th Gate 2011 poster copy1798 Avenida Navidad, Camarillo, CA 92780

2017 Dates: To Be Announced. After going on hiatus in 2016, the proprietors indicate they hope to reopen for Halloween 2017. We will add dates here if/when they become available.

After several years of haunting, this amateur effort moved to a new location and went on hiatus for 2012, with a promise to return in 2013 - a promise that did not materialize. The proprietors informed us early in 2014 that they would resurrect their haunt; that was the last we heard from them.

In the past, the 13th Gate Asylum was typically open only on Halloween Night: 6-7pm: Child's Play/Chicken Hour (no scaring); 7:30-10:30pm: Fair Game (anything goes).

ADMISSION & PARKING: FREE. Donations accepted.

BACKGROUND: The haunt featured thirty cast member. The theme changed and the walk-through maze was reconfigured every year. 2009's theme was Carn-Evil (yup, killer klowns). 2010 offered "The Haunted Forest." 2011's theme was Nightmares.