The Fall of the Punkin People

Fall of the Punkin People

Location: 13420 Wetworth Street, Arleta

Dates: None. This yard haunt – more of a backyard art installation – went on hiatus in 2013 after making its debut in 2012. ┬áBy way of explanation, the proprietor told us that he was “struggling with servos.”

Website: click here (info is sparse here)

Facebook Page: click here

Description: The Fall of the Punkin People billed itself as an experiment in storytelling: the concept was that visitors wandered an “abandoned field” (actually a back yard), observing the secret village of the tiny Punkin People; each little building conveyed a fragment of the story, which unfolded in a non-linear way, since visitors could look at buildings in whatever order they chose.

The official website and Facebook page are not exactly fonts of information, but if you want to know more you can check out the 2012 Kickstarter campaign, which lays out the plan in some detail.

The Fall of the Punkin People is a free experience.

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