Drunken Devil Halloween Haunt


sinner's soiree 22017 Date & Hours: October 21 at 8pm

TIckets: $100

This Halloween, Drunken Devil Productions offers "Night of 1,000 Devils" - an intimate, 21-and-over soiree open to 100 guests. Black formal attire is required. Location to be announced.

Drunken Devil Productions – a self-described “Los Angeles-based, horror-centric live-entertainment company – made its Halloween Haunt debut with "The Sinner's Soiree" in 2015. This 18-and-over event offered visitors a a chance to “encounter a menagerie of twisted, monstrous manifestations of vice and depravity” in a maze simulating a New Orleans-style descent into Hell, culminating in your arrival at a bar, where you could drown your eternal sorrows in (real) alcohol, while watching cabaret acts.

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