Haunted Hollywood Scavenger Hunts

Hawthorne and Highland, Hollywood, CA 90028
Eager participants on the Haunted Hollywood Scavenger Hunt
Scavenger hunters seek haunted hot spots in Hollywood.

2017 Dates: October 21-28 at 5:30pm

Tickets: $21.50

Looking for a different way to enjoy the Halloween season? Then why not go on a scavenger hunt that takes you on a tour of the haunted Hollywood area of Los Angeles? Not only will you visit allegedly ghost-infested locations; you will also learn many of the myths and legends of Tinsel Town, the back stories behind the hauntings. Working in groups of three or four, teams compete to solve riddles and answer questions, tallying up points while following a trail of clues that leads along Hollywood Boulevard to such spirited landmarks as the Hollywood Wax Museum and the Roosevelt Building, where Marilyn Monroe allegedly lingers and a long-dead actor still belts out a tune on a bugle he played in a famous role.

Amidst the many haunted legends are buried hints that will lead you to the solutions needed to win the haunt. But deductive skills are not all you will need to prevail, for time is of the essence, and there is much terrain to cover, as you learn the legends of a jumper from the Hollywood Sign, the reason the pool at Hollywood High is not so safe, and the identity of a ghost rumored to walk in the concrete footsteps at the Chinee Theatre.

This is an adults-only event.

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Note: This is not the same "Haunted Hollywood Scavenger Hunt" that Hollywood Gothique listed in previous years. That Scavenger Hunt was presented by Out of the Box Events (which disappeared for a couple years, then re-emerged as an "event planning" company without the scavenger hunt listed among its events).

Check out the gallery below to see some Hollywood landmarks containing clues to the Haunted Hollywood Scavenger Hunt. Click any image below to open a slide show. Photographs copyright 2015 by Yuki Tanaka.