Forgotten Hollows Yard Haunt

1602 Roosevelt Avenue
Altadena, CA 91001

forgotten-hollows-skulls-and-gravestone2018 Dates & Hours: To Be Announced, if any. (Halloween Night, 7-10pm in 2016.)

This unassuming Halloween home haunt offers a nicely decorated yard augmented with a small scare element. The decor consists mostly of skulls, skeletons, and gravestones, enhanced with a digitally projected ghost floating in the window.

Trick-or-treaters seeking candy walk up a driveway and underneath a canopy, where a burst of fog obscures their vision, a spring-loaded spider attacks, and a human-sized bog monster appear from nowhere. The candy cauldron is guarded by a silent pair, exhibiting the carefully cultivated immobility of mannequins – until unsuspecting costumed revelers reach for the treats, triggering a startling response from the previously quiescent figures.

The proprietor has plans to expand Forgotten Hollows for Halloween 2017.

Note: We have seen Forgotten Hollows listed in Pasadena, but Mapquest shows it in Altadena. In fact, it is only a few blocks away from a popular trick-or-treating destination in Altadena: Pepper Drive, just north of Berendo has several decorated houses, including The Garden Path of Doom.

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