Gothic Hills Cemetery Home Haunt

Gothic Hills Cemetery

13796 Marchant Avenue
Sylmar, CA 91342.

Halloween 2018 Date & Hours: To Be Announced...

Gothic Hills Cemetery History

When located in North Hills, this Halloween home haunt offered a decorated yard and walk-through that ranked among the best in Los Angeles, with amazing decorations and effects. The yard display was beautiful, and the maze was fun - a search through a tomb for lost treasure. Jump-scares were relatively minimal; this was more like a guided tour with your host leading you on a treasure hunt and stopping here and there to show off effects, including a digitally projected witch who delivered an incantation and a mechanical monster guarding the treasure.

For Halloween 2017, the proprietors of Gothic Hills Cemetery  moved from their old North Hills location to Sylmar, where they presented a simpler yard haunt and pumpkin patch for trick-or-treaters and guests on Halloween Night.

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