Haunted Groundz Yard Haunt

haunted-grounds-2016-pumpkins-talking13243 Mission Tierra Way
Granada Hills

Halloween 2018 Dates & Hours: 7 to 10pm on October 28 to 31

This home haunt deceptively presents itself as just another yard display, but after admiring the decor for a moment or two, you realize that it's actually a show (somewhat like The House at Haunted Hills) with effects timed to recorded audio cues that cycle through at intervals. There's not really a story; it's more a series of one-liners and dialogue between the characters, who include mechanical skeletons in the yard, a digitally projected witch in the window, and singing Jack O'Lanterns. There are also some  clever hidden surprises that pop out for the big finish. Our advice: do not walk away prematurely, thinking you've seen it all, because you haven't.


Haunted Groundz


Enjoyable yard display with mechanical effects timed to an audio track featuring humorous dialogue. Don’t leave too soon – you’ll miss the surprises at the end!